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Upcoming Events in Michigan – Autumn 2012

Upcoming Major Meetings in Michigan in Autumn 2012 People who plan corporate events often choose Michigan for very good reasons. Michigan is welcoming to business travelers and there are a number of destinations that are ideal for major meetings. This fall, several important events are being planned here. Michigan Association of Nurse Anesthetists This group will hold one of the largest major meetings in... read more

Why Meetings and Events will Prevail in the Future

Teleconferenceing vs. Meeting With modern technology, it is now possible to hold teleconferences and webinars from remote locations. This technology has many people in the corporate world wondering if face-to-face meetings will someday become a thing of the past. While new technology has changed the way people hold these gatherings, the truth is that personal meetings and event in the future are likely to... read more

Reasons for Having Your Company Meeting Outside Your Regular Office

Introduction Meetings are important to any business, but they can become dull and ineffective when they are held in the same location every time. For this reason, Michigan Meetings Magazine recommends holding meetings and special corporate events outside the regular office from time to time. Being Uninterrupted It can be especially difficult to avoid being interrupted when holding meetings in your office.... read more