Reasons for Having Your Company Meeting Outside Your Regular Office


Meetings are important to any business, but they can become dull and ineffective when they are held in the same location every time. For this reason, Michigan Meetings Magazine recommends holding meetings and special corporate events outside the regular office from time to time.

Being Uninterrupted

It can be especially difficult to avoid being interrupted when holding meetings in your office. This means that if you are conducting training or brainstorming sessions, it may be difficult to get anything accomplished. Since other workers know you are available, they could want to ask questions or route phone calls to you. This is not possible when you hold meetings outside the office, because you are not available to solve minor problems. Employees are forced to carry on without you, so you can focus on the subject matter of the meeting instead.

Boosting Morale

Another good reason to hold meetings away from the office is that you can boost morale by doing so. Having meetings in the same location can make them seem boring and uneventful. This means that whenever a special meeting needs to be held, employees may not take it seriously. Having meetings outside the office allows workers to enjoy a change of pace while also being able to have a fresh outlook on discussions.


You may want to invite other groups to your meeting, in which case your office may not have enough space available. Holding a meeting away from the office is a good way to make sure there is enough room for everyone in attendance. During a special meeting, you may also want to use equipment that you do not have readily available. Most meeting halls offer projectors and computer equipment for people to use when renting meeting space. Not only will you have enough room for all your guests, but you will also be able to convey your thoughts properly because you have the right technology to do so.

Central Location

When suppliers, contractors, and employees all need to attend a meeting, doing so can be difficult if they are separated by great distances. In this case, holding a meeting in a centralized location can make it more convenient for everyone to attend. It is especially helpful to do this when meetings are scheduled for two or three days, because many hotels also offer space for corporate events. Attendees can normally book rooms at reduced rates, thereby helping to keep travel expenses as low as possible.

Package Deals

Corporate meeting packages can be designed to include a number of things. Perhaps you would like to include a light lunch for attendees or coffee and snacks for them to enjoy during breaks. Your event could also require the use of a copy or fax machine. Tables and chairs for guests to sit at are also important. When planning a meeting away from your office, you can select the services you need and then feel confident knowing everything has been prearranged for you.

Choose Michigan

If you would like to hold meetings outside the office but are unsure where to hold them, why not consider Michigan? Several cities in Michigan have hotels with meeting venues that also provide discounted rooms, catering, and equipment setup and rental. Everything you need can be taken care of, so you are free to concentrate on your agenda. Michigan can also make an ideal getaway because several attractions are near major cities. This means your employees can enjoy a mini-vacation while they are attending your corporate function.

Holding regular meetings away from the workplace makes good business sense. The next time you are planning an event, the professionals at Michigan Meeting Magazine can help you find the right resources to make your function a complete success.

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