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People who plan special meetings and events now have a host of resources available to them in print and online. Michigan Meetings Magazine is published four times a year, and contains resources for helping plan Michigan events. Information is constantly being updated on the publication’s website at

City Profile

Event planners are often unsure where they would like to host a seminar or meeting. Those who are interested in hosting an event in Michigan are in luck because several cities in this state are profiled on the Michigan Meetings Mag website. Some of the information provided about cities in Michigan includes data on travel, government, and history. Comparing cities side-by-side can make it easier to choose the right location for a corporate event in Michigan.

Specific City Information

Visitors can easily check hotel, restaurant, and special event venues on the Michigan Meetings Mag website. Simply enter a city, street address, or landmark into the search box and the desired information will populate. This can make it easy to find event halls in precisely the right area. Users will also be delighted to know that a live chat feature is also available.


Event planners will find plenty of unique and helpful information available via the blog posts on this website. Some of the blog posts feature pictures from past events, and these can be used to inspire future ones. There is also advice on conducting “postmortem” analysis of a meeting as well as tips for getting participants in a corporate event excited about the itinerary. New information is constantly being added, so visitors are encouraged to check the site often.
Planning a major event in the Great Lakes State is less stressful than ever thanks to Michigan Meetings Magazine. People who plan private or corporate outings can benefit from the experience of professional event planners by subscribing to this exciting publication.

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