Why Meetings and Events will Prevail in the Future

Teleconferenceing vs. Meeting

With modern technology, it is now possible to hold teleconferences and webinars from remote locations. This technology has many people in the corporate world wondering if face-to-face meetings will someday become a thing of the past. While new technology has changed the way people hold these gatherings, the truth is that personal meetings and event in the future are likely to prevail for a number of reasons.


People are free to log in from anywhere they choose when attending an online meeting. This could mean that attendees might be logged into the meeting in public areas, or they may be in locations where others can overhear conversations. In this instance, the details of the meeting are available to everyone who is close to the invitee, which means private information could be unwittingly shared with others. The fact that doors can be closed and unwanted individuals left out of these functions is one of the main reasons why personal meetings and event in the future will continue.

Building Relationships

It is easier for co-workers to build relationships with one another if they are able to meet in person. Networking with suppliers and customers is also effective when meeting face-to-face. While email and instant messaging can make it easy to stay in touch with business associates, it does not normally help build strong bonds. This means that companies are likely to continue holding actual meetings in order to facilitate this process.

Hands on Training

Many companies hold regular meetings for training purposes. If this training involves hands-on experience, it may not be possible to gain this via online instruction. Internet training does not provide the opportunity for instructors to observe students as they practice the new skills they are taught. It can also make it difficult for students to receive one-on-one instruction in the event they are struggling with the material. For these reasons, business meetings that involve hands-on training are likely to be held in person for some time to come.

Tax Write-offs

Corporate executives often plan meetings near the end of the year if it appears they may need to write off additional expenses. Companies are usually able to write off the costs of travel, equipment rental, presentation material, and fees for keynote speakers. The cost of holding an online meeting or teleconference is much lower than planning a personal event, which means this is not typically a desirable option when company leaders are looking for a tax write-off. Since businesses will always be looking for ways to decrease their tax burden, planning meetings for this purpose is likely to continue in the future.

Meetings and event in the future are likely to be as diverse as they are today. While many businesses are opting for virtual meetings, others still desire traditional methods of communications. There are many reasons to continue holding personal meetings, and advances in technology are unlikely to make a difference in the eyes of those who are responsible for planning corporate events.

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